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Apr 02, 2019

10 Ways to Protect Your Charter School from a Cyber Attack

As your charter school becomes increasingly reliant on technology to handle all aspects of your school’s operation, cyber security and data...
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Jan 27, 2019

Cyber Insurance & Data Security: 10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Cyber Attack

To keep up to pace with technology advances, cyber security threats and trends are changing at rapid speed.
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Nov 01, 2018

Top Cyber Insurance Companies

As you begin considering cyber liability insurance for your company, you’ll want to ensure you’re aligning your business with the top cyber insurance...
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Oct 30, 2018

How To Apply For Cyber Liability Insurance in Ohio

Every insurance policy begins with an application.
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Aug 21, 2018

Cyber Risk: Beware of Spear Phishing Scams in Ohio

      Imagine this: You receive an email from your colleague with the subject line: “2018 Strategy Plan.” You open the email to find an attached...
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Aug 12, 2018

Is Your Small Business at Risk of a Cyber Attack in Ohio?

    It happened. One of your employees clicked on that ridiculously suspicious link that showed up in your employees’ emails. Now what? Malware is...
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Aug 05, 2018

Cyber Liability Insurance Cost in Ohio

    In today’s tech-driven world, the cost of NOT having cyber insurance is much greater than the actual cost of cyber insurance. Let me put it this...
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Jul 14, 2018

Top Benefits of Cyber Insurance in Ohio

     With the enormous amount of sensitive information that’s stored digitally, companies like yours need to take proper measures to ensure this data...
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Jul 14, 2018

Cyber Risk: The Reason Your Ohio Business Needs Cyber Insurance

    It’s all over the news. Day after day we’re hearing about the latest data breach or cyber attack happening to some of the most prominent...
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May 12, 2018

Do You Need Cyber Security for Your Industrial Control System in Ohio?

More than ever before, companies like you are aware of the potential financial impact of a cyber hack.