Classic Car Insurance Own a Classic Car? Let us protect it!

Own a classic car? Let's get it insured!

Typically, a classic car insurance policy includes the following 5 coverages:

  • Agreed Value
  • Inflation Guard
  • Spare Parts and Specialized Tool Coverage
  • Flexible Usage
  • Year-Round Storage
But no classic car insurance coverage is the same, simply because each classic car is different and unique. So if you're a classic car enthusiast, take the time to work with a trusted advisor to protect your investment.
Classic Car Insurance in Ohio
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Classic Car Circle 2Types of Coverage

Agreed Value

Agreed value pays for the classic car’s full-insured value in the event of a total loss, less his deductible. Upon writing the classic car insurance policy, the insurance company will agree on the value of the vehicle before actually issuing the policy. So in the event of a theft or loss, the insurance company will pay the agreed value.

Inflation Guard

Inflation guard will increase John’s classic car value on a yearly basis to compensate for inflation and appreciation. Because John’s classic car is expected to appreciate over time, his policy will automatically increase the value of the car by 2% each quarter, up to a maximum of 8% per year at no additional cost.

Spare Parts & Specialized Tool Coverage

Spare parts and specialized tools to repair and fix your classic car can be costly. This coverage supports you in the event a repair or a part replacement.

Flexible Usage and Year-Round Storage

Flexible usage limits mileage ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 miles annually, not limited to parades. And consideration is always taken for year round storage on site or off site.