From architects, carpenters, contractors and laborers to home builders, engineers and equipment operators- each role is critical to the success of a construction project, and each role is inherently dangerous, facing significant risk. At The O’Neill Group, our risk management team lays the foundation to a solid risk management program which identifies, evaluates, categorizes and addresses the potential risk exposures your business faces. This foundation serves as our framework- our guideline to which we can develop and build out strategies that help reduce risk and instill a safe workplace environment with your business’s protection as our top priority.

Allow our risk management team to put the hard hat on and build out your risk management program, implementing effective and efficient safety solutions and securing quality insurance coverage that will protect your business and in the end, save you money.

Consider these key coverages when developing your risk management plan:

  • Commercial general liability

  • Umbrella liability

  • Builder’s risk

  • Professional liability

  • Contractor’s pollution

  • Worker’s compensation

  • Contractor equipment

  • Commercial crime

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