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What is OSHA?

OSHA's primary goal is ensure businesses are providing safe and healthy work environments for their employees.

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and it's designed to carry out the OSH Act, which was originally passed by Congress in 1970.

In this article, we discuss:

  • What is OSHA
  • What are your responsibilities as a business owner?
  • Why is OSHA important to your business?

OSHA Recordkeeping

Let's not over-complicate OSHA recordkeeping.

OSHA requires certain employers to keep detailed records of certain occupational injuries and illnesses that occur at or as a result of your facility.

Here's a couple articles on OSHA Recordkeeping:

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

Did you know that OSHA can show up at your door unexpectedly to conduct an OSHA inspection?

OSHA inspections have one purpose - to ensure companies are compliant with OSHA rules and regulations, which means they are putting an emphasis on the health and safety of their employees.

In this article, we discuss:

  • What you can expect from an OSHA inspection
  • Your rights as an employer during an OSHA inspection
  • 3 Stages of an OSHA inspection

OSHA's Electronic Reporting Rule

Are you in compliance with OSHA's electronic reporting rule?

As of May 12, 2016, OSHA issued a final rule that requires certain establishments to report information from their injury and illness reports electronically to OSHA.

In this article we discuss:

  • The purpose of OSHA's new electronic reporting rule
  • OSHA reporting requirements
  • How to report electronically to OSHA

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